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    Doctor Who 8×02 ‘Into the Dalek’ Review

    Doctor Who 8×02 ‘Into the Dalek’ Review

    What did we learn today? There’s no such thing as a good…anything, really. Everyone has flaws, humans, Timelords, Daleks…the Doctor (yeah, yeah he’s a Timelord, but let’s put him in his own category anyway). This theme’s been a’cooking for a while now, and this episode clearly lays the foundation down for a series-long study of the Doctor’s moral makeup. With a Dalek (who the Doctor dubs Rusty)…

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    Divergent DVD Review - NZ Release

    Sooo the #Divergent DVD gets released in NZ today. Here’s our review!

    Divergent is available to buy or rent on Blu-ray and DVD in NZ from today, August 27, 2014!

    The dystopian film, based on Veronica Roth’s young-adult trilogy of the same name, Divergentset in a future world where society’s been divided into five distinct factions. But as you know Tris don’t play that one-group game because she’s Divergent. Which isn’t something you want to be. There’s action,…

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    Doctor Who 8x01 ‘Deep Breath’ Review

    Doctor Who 8×01 ‘Deep Breath’ Review

    For the past few regenerations there’s always an adjustment period during the new Doctor’s first episode, where he’s still cooking and getting used to the change- during that period those around him also take a moment to get used to the new appearance, voice, (at times) accent and characteristics. By ‘those around him’ I’m also referring to the audience, because just as his companions/friends…

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